Saturday, April 19, 2014

Jackets Available at The Colorful Cupboard

I've found a new consignment shop: The Colorful Cupboard, 1141 Beechmont Ave. (aka Rt. 125, aka Ohio Pike) in Withamsville, OH. They are a combination craft and coffee shop with creative studios. Grand Opening April 26. Check them out!

Here are the jaquitos that are there:

Monday, March 24, 2014

Delicious new Chocolat Jaquito + more tattoo art available!

Here's the latest jaquito. Chocolate brown corduroy, hand-warmer pockets. On the back: pink and chocolate multilingual CHOCOLATE design! Yum! Size small. $30.

I have another copy of the same pink design minus the sparkles, plus the same design on a black background, with or without sparkles:

I also found another cool Ed Hardy tattoo art t-shirt. Two designs with skull and dagger; the one on the back includes a snake and a tiger. I'd love to see these on a black jacket: the big design on the back, and the smaller skull & dagger on a sleeve or breast pocket. Leave a comment if you're interested!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Two delicious new t-shirts!

I picked up two tasty t-shirts yesterday:

Either would look great on the back of a Jaquito!
Leave a comment if you're interested, and check out older posts for "ready made" Jaquitos. 

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Latest Tattoo Art Jaquito!

This is a lovely, velvety stretch corduroy jacket in fawn with pearlized snap buttons and breast pockets. On the back, sparkling tattoo art of skull, heart, knife, guitar, and roses, with "Rock and Roll Forever" on a banner. On the right sleeve, a red rose patch. On the front left breast pocket, unique heart-shaped button with "Love" on a banner. Fits a small- to medium-sized woman. Three snaps on each cuff.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

More new tees -- and first MEN'S jaquito!

First, I'm so excited about this: my first men's jaquito! It's going over to France, to an old friend of mine who plays in a rock band! Pretty cool, huh? :)

Next, I have two new available tees for your own unique jaquito! See posts from December for more tees, and posts from Oct. and Nov. for ready-made jaquitos. Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Custom Jaquitos -- choose your design!

Unique tee + jacket = jaquito!

If you want a ready-made jaquito, please see my posts from October and November.

If you want to Choose Your Own Jaquito, scroll through these t-shirt designs. Leave a comment saying which one you like, and your jacket size. I'll find a jacket that will fit you and coordinate with the t-shirt. I then cut out the t-shirt design and sew it on the back of the jacket. Same price as ready made -- $35. (Or, provide your own jacket, for $25.)

"Rockin' Rebel" brown tee. Would look great on a brown or dark denim jacket.
Black and white Eiffel Tower tee. The sparkly front of this t-shirt can be found on the back of a light blue corduroy jacket, in my November post -- that's why the back is shown already cut out.

 This Moulin Rouge t-shirt has two sides: the front is sparkly, while the back is subtle. Would look great with brown, pink, red, or denim.

 Navy blue Los Angeles tee. Would look great on a denim or a neutral khaki jacket.
More tattoo art! "Rock and Roll Forever" tee would look great on denim, brown, or orange.

Even more tattoo art, with a BRIGHT orange background!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Jaquitos for the Holidays!

I'm making a few more jaquitos to sell for the holidays, with a francophone theme. If you see one you like or want, leave me a comment! I can also do custom work.

Rose corduroy jean-style jacket, medium, with handwarmer pockets outside and handy pockets inside! On the back, lovely art deco style advertisement for a Paris bicycle shop, featuring rosy flowers on an aquamarine background.


Beige twill blazer, size 6, with a pink flower motif! Sparkly pink image on the back, in French. Flowery buttons on the front including a permanent pink boutonniere.

Pale blue corduroy Land's End jacket, size large. On the back, a HUGE scene of Paris, starring the Eiffel Tower, complete with sparkles!


Here's the first one that's ready. The jacket is a Ralph Lauren denim blazer, size medium. The t-shirt design on the back is a lovely purple with the word Paris and the Eiffel tower. Two silver-toned buttons.